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The Autumn Leaf !

The winds came along,

and blew me away.

I let myself loose,

and was taken away.

It wasn’t a long journey,

from heavens above.

But one that I have waited,

worth all the love.

I swirled and danced,

for I lived for this moment.

There is magic in the air,

The woods are all fragrant.

The colours are bold,

The winds breezy and cold.

Its time I finally fall,

For I have lived it all.

I am the autumn leaf,

Basking in all glory.

I lived all the seasons,

And that is my little story.

Life shall move on and I will be reborn,

And once again the autumn will sweep me along !!







An Autumn Rain !

I saw outside my window in the middle of the night,

The world stood still, a picture pure and bright.

The sound of the gushing rain falling on the trees,

The leaves falling down holding hands with the breeze.

Smell of the mud making some magic in the air,

Some distant twinkling lights calling me over there.

Its autumn already – my heart gleaning,

You know no other season – my mind grumbling.

The soul dances to the music of the rain,

Like no other dances in glory or in pain.

Its autumn – the only season my heart knows,

Forever the only one that my heart knows !