The Hush !

Like the sound of a gushing sea,

My mind wandered to and back.

Like the song of the breezy air,

I flew my wings flip n flap.

Like the peace of a prayer,

I stood still in wonder.

What takes it to be strong yet soothing,

Told me the rain and thunder.

The bold, the strong, the weak and the shy,

The serenity lies in the eye!

Much love ❤️

Weekly Photo Challenge – Serene :


The Speculative Soul !

As much as we deny, our lives are mere experiments of survival. Life would come to a standstill if everyone lived the same one. We would have nothing to share, nothing to learn (and maybe nothing to blog ;-)).

And while we are living this experimental version gifted to us – its even imperative to experiment it further individually. Only so to share more !

So I present to you my little versions of being experimental as I breath :

A little through my lens !



A little with myself !



A little with the art !



A little with my pen !!


A little version of my experimental life 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge :

Waiting !

(An autumn tree waiting to wither)


A mother waits for her child,

In city or in wild.

Like the peacock waits for the rain,

Thundering or mild.

The summer waits for the Autumn

The autumn for the rain,

The little furry friend wishes for an angel,

In hunger or in pain.

(Waiting for some nurturing and love)


A farmer waits for the sunny days,

So his harvest stays.

A soldier waits for his holiday,

For his family that awaits.

Life comes full circle,

we all wait for a good life.

Hoping and keeping the faith is all that we do,

that truly keeps us alive !!

(Waiting to bloom) 

Weekly Photo Challenge – Waiting –


Nurturing Angel !

Standing tall in the mountains,

My existence always unsung.

My silence is conjectured,

My strength truly muffled.

For decades I have withered and stood still and old,

Gave those priceless little gestures worth its weight a gold.

I am pretty, I am strong

But of all the life in the Universe, I have survived long !


Structure (photo challenge) –



The Transient Life !

My little piece of Transient


The seasons come, the seasons go,

With the tick and the tock, the times flow.

For I walk along the path of change,

The love, the fear and the times of  strange.

The waters drift, the mountains grow,

Autumn brings along the love of snow.

The seasons come, the seasons go,

With the tick and the tock, the times flow !

An Autumn Rain !

I saw outside my window in the middle of the night,

The world stood still, a picture pure and bright.

The sound of the gushing rain falling on the trees,

The leaves falling down holding hands with the breeze.

Smell of the mud making some magic in the air,

Some distant twinkling lights calling me over there.

Its autumn already – my heart gleaning,

You know no other season – my mind grumbling.

The soul dances to the music of the rain,

Like no other dances in glory or in pain.

Its autumn – the only season my heart knows,

Forever the only one that my heart knows !

The perfect ‘Imperfection’ – Life in little hopes !

All my childhood, my mother, like any other mother, was always beaming with endless life lessons and never ending preaches on how to live life and how not to. And like any other normal child, I was never interested !

All through these years, when I am a grown up married some one in her thirties, I know now how much I cherish those moments of frowning in my childhood when I was being preached over something at the dining table and when I wanted to eat the food right in front of me, but I couldn’t because my mum was telling me – how careless I can get with my life !

Life isn’t about the choices we make, but more about the ones that we don’t. Those years of childhood, I always dreaded to be an adult and always imagined about how I am going to preach others in my life once I am there. And now, as double an adult, I want someone to tell me that there is a way to go back to your childhood days and that you can always be in that life for the rest of your life.

No, I am not talking about my childhood here, neither am I talking about the life lessons that my Mom has never been out of, even today!@

All I wish to put across is, life isn’t about asking what you want always. It definitely isn’t !! It is always about, what you didn’t ask for !! Trust me on that !

The time when we stop asking GOD for things to happen our way, life really amazes you beautifully. The more we ask for things to happen His way, the more we realize what we have been missing for so long.

My prayers revolve more around the gratitude that I wish to express to Almighty for all the things that happened in my life the way they did, but most importantly, for all those things that did not happen the way they did not or the way I asked them to happen. I would have lived (maybe) even then, but perhaps I may not have had the wisdom of knowing this nectar of life and to acknowledge the way it works.

And no, my life is not perfect ! I am a confused soul, trying to find answers to many unattended questions, trying to seek balance in her married life, making enormous efforts to get in the best of health – and still trying to follow the endless life lessons that her Mom is giving her till now 🙂

Every time I broke, got rejected in life, looked down upon my capabilities and every little time I was hated for the reasons best known to God, I emerged with more gratitude, strong enough to tell me that it isn’t the end of world and it doesn’t stops here. I am not someone famous and neither am I preaching to lead a perfect life – just another soul trying to put in words how grateful she is for this life and hoping to be never without hope in life ! 🙂

Well, all I wish to put across to you my dear diary (and to all the beautiful souls reading it perhaps) is – putting your hands together in a prayer position and just saying – “Thank you God for just everything !” is all you need to do, for you do not know what it would have been if it was the way you asked for, otherwise !

“Thank you God for all you do always !!”

Keep shining and spreading gratitude!