The Hush !

Like the sound of a gushing sea,

My mind wandered to and back.

Like the song of the breezy air,

I flew my wings flip n flap.

Like the peace of a prayer,

I stood still in wonder.

What takes it to be strong yet soothing,

Told me the rain and thunder.

The bold, the strong, the weak and the shy,

The serenity lies in the eye!

Much love ❤️

Weekly Photo Challenge – Serene :


The Speculative Soul !

As much as we deny, our lives are mere experiments of survival. Life would come to a standstill if everyone lived the same one. We would have nothing to share, nothing to learn (and maybe nothing to blog ;-)).

And while we are living this experimental version gifted to us – its even imperative to experiment it further individually. Only so to share more !

So I present to you my little versions of being experimental as I breath :

A little through my lens !



A little with myself !



A little with the art !



A little with my pen !!


A little version of my experimental life 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge :


For as long as the night lasts, the moon blooms,

For as much as the lit lamp burns, the light turns.

Little big moments of life dance along,

Forever, only the change remains strong.

Live, laugh, love and dance,

This world is temporary, tis’ your last chance !


Temporary :


Waiting !

(An autumn tree waiting to wither)


A mother waits for her child,

In city or in wild.

Like the peacock waits for the rain,

Thundering or mild.

The summer waits for the Autumn

The autumn for the rain,

The little furry friend wishes for an angel,

In hunger or in pain.

(Waiting for some nurturing and love)


A farmer waits for the sunny days,

So his harvest stays.

A soldier waits for his holiday,

For his family that awaits.

Life comes full circle,

we all wait for a good life.

Hoping and keeping the faith is all that we do,

that truly keeps us alive !!

(Waiting to bloom) 

Weekly Photo Challenge – Waiting –


Nurturing Angel !

Standing tall in the mountains,

My existence always unsung.

My silence is conjectured,

My strength truly muffled.

For decades I have withered and stood still and old,

Gave those priceless little gestures worth its weight a gold.

I am pretty, I am strong

But of all the life in the Universe, I have survived long !


Structure (photo challenge) –



The Transient Life !

My little piece of Transient


The seasons come, the seasons go,

With the tick and the tock, the times flow.

For I walk along the path of change,

The love, the fear and the times of  strange.

The waters drift, the mountains grow,

Autumn brings along the love of snow.

The seasons come, the seasons go,

With the tick and the tock, the times flow !