Bookworm’s Story (Heidi by Johanna Spyri).

The little miss sunshine,
Who lived in the hills.
Never ever had a dull moment,
For she was blessed with thrills.

She walked on the mountain highs,
All draped with glistening snow.
She knew the little huts by heart,
And loved by all she know.

The singing birds, the dreamy meadows,
The winds below the swinging firs.
They all were her best pals,
For they gave her the pretty stirs.

Her little world was all that mattered,
The little goats and the flowers,
The Grandmamma and Grandfather,
She loved them as much as the snow and the showers.

Little Clara and Mr Peter,
Longed for her company at all times.
She was a precious to the doctor,
And Grandmother loved her little rhymes.

Prayers became her masterpieces,
For she always believed He hears.
She taught it to her loved ones,
Happiness lies ahead of tears.

A little girl with a heart of gold,
She loved her little world.
She knew nothing fancy,
She still ruled the hearts of all told.


Little Ms Heidi,

Hello from the other side of the world!
Hope you are as bright as you have always been and spreading your sunshine in the beautiful Alps as much as you ever had !

I am a little admirer who got lucky to know your story and feels overwhelmed by what you have been doing for everyone around you. It is indeed a blessing know how you have lived your life so quietly and yet impacted the lives of so many so charmingly.

I am just a very Fraulein Rottenmeier kind of a person you met in Frankfurt, who is full of fear, resentment, anger and just plain and simple, irritation. I bet you didn’t like her at first. But with the heart of gold that you have, you still wished how she could come to the mountains when Clara visited you. Like most of the people there in Frankfurt, people here in this world too, are so unthankful for even breathing, forget they would ever understand what it means to live a life as gracefully as yours. And I may not have been any different until I read your story.

And once I did, I assure you, I have never hated my life in a city as much before. Life, as we know it here, is just a race of survival. We are no longer happy and more so, no longer thankful to Him for all that he has blessed us with. And yet, here I am thanking Him to have allowed me to read your story in the middle of a city of ungrateful hearts. How I wish your little sweet story could be shared with as many lives for it has the simplest and the most powerful message for every person who has the fortune to read it. Thank you for teaching me all that you did.

You taught me that a simple loaf of bread with cheese is so gratifying. The company of the goats and the mighty bird is all that you could ever ask for. The beautiful blooming flowers in the spring and the shining golden grass in the summer fill your heart’s brim. And the snow in the mountains may be just the ticket to a staggering state of emotions. The beautiful mercies of the Creator is flowing all around us and how we just miss to acknowledge all that He is blessing us with.

Thank you for reminding what prayers can do to ourselves, to the ones we love and to this beautiful world. It is you who has reminded us to look beyond all that exists and still keep saying our prayers even when we think they are not being answered. Thank you for touching my soul in ways I may ever be able to express. Thank you for being the knight in the shining armour.

Thank you for reading those prayers to Grandmamma for she never seemed more happy while she would be with you. Thank you for helping her see the world through your eyes. And all that you were for Clara, I cannot even know where to start thanking you from.

It is very few times that you come across in this world, a few humans who touch your soul in the most magical ways. And you, Heidi, have been no less than an angel. If ever I could meet you, I just wish to hug you tight and tell you that you are beautiful. Very beautiful !

Hope to spend my days with you sometime in the mountains !!

Until then,
Ciao !

A little crazy fan of yours for the rest of her life !