Nurturing Angel !

Standing tall in the mountains,

My existence always unsung.

My silence is conjectured,

My strength truly muffled.

For decades I have withered and stood still and old,

Gave those priceless little gestures worth its weight a gold.

I am pretty, I am strong

But of all the life in the Universe, I have survived long !


Structure (photo challenge) –



5 thoughts on “Nurturing Angel !

    1. Hey ! Thanks for getting that in notice (and reading my post 😛). I believe that the pictures had some issues downloading. Not sure exactly why. I tried removing them and adding them again. Maybe you want to try coming back to the post again and checking 🙈 Thanks in advance 😊


      1. Now they are displayed properly! Nice clicks! Appreciating nature is always refreshing! One suggestion though is to reduce the size of watermark/ or to decrease its transparency!


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