While I Thank…!!

Its Thanksgiving finally !

While I believe no single day can do justice when it comes to thanking the people we love around us, the blessings we receive from the Almighty every single day and the most beautiful memories we are able to make every single day while we live – it certainly is a day to just pause and reflect and say “Thank You” !

There is a lot that we need to be thankful for !

Thank you God, for allowing me in this beautiful world of yours and allowing me to see, feel and appreciate your all your creations !

Thank you for a beautiful family (my parents and my in-laws) that has been by my side in the moments of infinite love and support and in moments when I would have shattered without their presence. No words can ever describe the amount of love and gratefulness I wish to show my family for having me as a part of their lives and allowing me to make them a part of mine. From moments of sweetness, to a few when I annoyed them and a lot many that included my being childish, dumb and not being pleasant – they have seen it all and under all circumstances, just have held me in the most loving and caring hold of theirs, never to let me go !

Thank you for a an amazing husband, who in his own little ways, has loved me to boundaries unknown and even in times when I baffled him with my little tantrums, his love and patience just reminded me how lucky I have been. His support is the biggest I have and his love is the kindest I have known !

Thank you for granting my family the strength to make me who I am today and help me attain the best of knowledge to understand life better !

Thank you for granting me the wisdom to acknowledge your presence even in the most little things and knowing that every single decision of my life is connected to your approval of it and its disapproval too at times even, leads to the most amazing decisions we may ever be able to take in our own consciousness !

Thank you for that every little failure, when I cried my lungs out to you for having me put in that situation, just to realise how much you were bonding stronger with me and telling me you have my back always !

Thank you for all those times when it almost blacked out and life seemed unfair as we rode along with it, you always wanted us to pray a little to you and taught us to thank you even for such moments, just to realise the best always stood right away !

Thank you for those bad comments, humiliations and little unpleasant conversations with a bunch of people who came in my life on and off. While those definitely weren’t the best times of my life but even better, for they have taught me to appreciate your presence and feel your love even amidst the terrible times !

Thank you for taking away some people that you have, and keeping them safe in your hands – they needed your love perhaps a little more than I did, but to be sure, I know it wasn’t easy to have let them go. Thank you for taking care of them even now !

Thank you for keeping me strong, in those moments when I felt I have been secluded, and for showing me little gestures of your presence and assuring me that you still have my back..!!

Thank you for a body that is healthy and a heart that loves you so dearly !

Thank you for all that has gone, the way it has ; for all that is, the way it is and for all that shall be, for the way it shall be !!!!

For years now, we have been constantly fighting with ourselves, our thoughts and questioning our own values – asking why we can’t ever be happy. But, all I have known and realised in my little life is, I am very Happy ! My biggest strength inside me is Yours who helps me to know, how much I am loved by the people around me. And for those who unlike me, I am even happier, for they have the best of people around them to love, so what if they hold a different face.

I may always be short of words when it comes to thanking you dear God, but you know deep inside, how much I am !! Happy Thanksgiving !

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was “Thank You”, that would suffice – Edward Sandford Martin.

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The Little Hugs in Life…

Not very often, in the little cosy corner of my room, when I get to spend a moment of silence with my self, do I get a luxury of silence like this – when I realise that the only sound talking around me is that of a clock ticking and while everything else stares at me still. There is a numbness in the air along with the little November chill and uninvited smoggy air. The aunty next door seems to have mistakenly fallen asleep or perhaps forgotten that she had to discuss the issue of the currency notes and the trouble that every one has to go while visiting a bank these days have to face, even if I haven’t seen her stepping out of her own house in months. Well, for now, her little balcony too seems to enjoy this blessed silence and so am I. Marshal, the little German shepherd, across my balcony, who manages to scare the hell out of almost everyone, by barking on the most little poke of a chirping bird, seems to have read some day time bed story too, I believe.

Well, its hard to believe my self in a moment like this yet and my mind already has started to weave thoughts that come uninvited when you are enjoying the moment you are in and its blessed with infinite peace. And as I started to wander in my head, this sudden feeling of how much I love to snuggle and be cosy all the time, just creeps in me from somewhere. Just about that time, I realised, how much, not only me, so many around us just love to dive in a snuggle or a hug to say so, just to feel special and maybe even more, loved !

As a little girl, the memories of how I use to run and snuggle up with my dad the moment I heard his bullet parking below the house and no words can ever describe the happiness it brought me. My little wins were celebrated by my Momma in the most affectionate hugs and I do not remember being made feel so special ever again as much as she made me feel all the time. The excitement that I had to meet my uncle when he use to be home on Diwali for a week, compares to no other excitement. And even today, I yearn for those moments to come back to me some how and I would gladly become that little princess of the most loving family. Even today, when I visit my parents, I always hug them so tightly while I meet them as I feel that my hug would probably convey how much I love them and how badly I miss them every single day, which otherwise, my words will never be able to describe them. I miss to hug a few people that I use to before but now, sadly they are no more a part of my life. And you realise, how much a little hug to some people means only when they are no longer with you or between you.

A little baby’s hug to Mamma, a little girl’s hug to daddy, a winning hug to a friend, a consoling hug to someone who just lost a job, a loving hug from someone you love and an excited hug to a grandma when you visit her after months or years….I may not be able to put down when people hug and why they do it or even perhaps on what occasions they do it.. but I know for sure, this little hug thing can sure bring about the most beautiful smiles, the most enriched captures and some amazing memories. You don’t need to speak a language to hug someone you love and  the language of love remains just about the same any where under the sun.

Having said that, I do believe that people show love in the most unexpected ways and these little gestures probably are not owned by everyone and anyone.

Does that mean they don’t love us? Well most certainly, they do !

I hug my husband everyday, even though I at times feel, he hugs me back out of habit which has taken over him over time as I have been doing that since we got married – and this my friends is love too ! He never disappoints me and he never leaves me without hugging me because he knows I like to do that. This is his way of loving me back and I totally adore that.

Someday, I know he would just come on his own and give me a hug from behind and thereafter, he will do it everyday, feeling every part of this little gesture and doing it not out of habit but because he wants to 🙂

Some moments make you feel the little acts you do, how much they can mean to you or someone else – you don’t realise in the maddening rush of your every day life, but yes, these little silent moments in life are just the best things for you to reflect and thank the Almighty for the things you knowingly or sometimes unknowingly do to make life worth the smiles with beautiful memories. A little act of love in the most encouraging way and an infinite amount of warmth and affection by just opening your arms and holding someone who may not need it (or maybe even does) – would leave everyone just smiling.

As long as we live in this world, lets just only love – in whatever language you understand, in what so ever gestures you can show – Keep hugging if you can as many people as you can and keep spreading the cheer and love along !!

Well, this may not be a perfect article for someone who does not relates, but this a perfect feeling described in my little autumn diary in the most perfect moment for a little someone who loves to be thankful for this life and the people around her. Thank you God!

P.S. – Please leave me your comments, feedbacks and experiences and I would gladly welcome all 🙂